is home to the documentable work of Ryan T. Dunn
tends toward coextant variation, and spontaneous sequentialism
changes on a whim
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Video Images:

Attempts to examine the space between the image and the moving image.
Assailing the certainty of motion and the stillness of singularity, these
pieces address the bridge between the discrete and the continuous and question
the reigning conception of the film as representative of motion,
though it inherently asks for interpolation of a series of discrete moments.

·Field - 6.1Mb
·Squeeze Unsqueeze - 7.0Mb
·Ripple - 4.7Mb
·An Air on Air - 11.7Mb
·Reverberation - 26.4Mb
·Foundry Folly - 4Mb
·Soup Purse - 96.6Mb
·Tract - 8.5Mb

Conversation Pieces:

Where does trust arise? In the overheard, there is a problematic of truth
that is often dismissed by the academic or the casual viewer. But
what validates the truth of our experience of the everyday world?
A study in the creation of and belief in myth.

·Where all the babies went.
·With the loot, to the hideout.
·Why orange is in the middle.
·A trip to the petting zoo.

Underground guerrilla mediation in a Big way.

One Way and the Other, Three Blind Visioneers, CULTURRORISM: A Triptych
Insufficient documentation available here:
Are You My Mother X Walk?

Incidental Music
Broadcast live on NUMBERS.FM
Twosdays PM, Half past 9:11 until 9 before 11:00
Podcast here

(Ryan Dunn)
Maoθ on Pan Y Rosas
Forked Architecture (pyr108) download release on Pan Y Rosas

Instinct Control:
(Ryan Dunn)
Instinct Control Bandcamp
Instinct Control on Facebook

Instinct Control - Electric Communion: Natural Disorder,
at NoisefeSTL 2010, October, 23, St. Louis, MO

Instinct Control - Electric Communion: Positive/Negative,
at Neon Marshmallow Fest 2010, August 22, Chicago, IL

Instinct Control at Enemy, Speaker Cookout, Chicago, IL - February 6, 2010
Instinct Control at St. Louis Noise Fest 2009, October 16, St. Louis, MO
Instinct Control at the Butcher Shoppe, Allston, MA, July 11, 2009
Instinct Control at Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center, St. Louis, MO, July 2, 2009
Instinct Control at the Green Bicycle Organization - November 28, 2008
Instinct Control at Pocket Sandwich, Portland, OR - July 11, 2008
Instinct Control in NOISE: A Night of Cacophony at Someday Lounge


- A Ventriloquist's Unbirthday Present · frag11
From the Fragment Blog:
"Being the first guy ever, who played a complete noise show in
a driving stretch hummer, and also one of today's most innovative
noise artists out of the US, i'm eminently happy to present the
latest works of the Chicago based unit known as Instinct Control,
consisting of Ryan T. Dunn and his circuit bent Sony Stereo 530
Solid State reel to reel tape recorder. 40 minutes of minimal
feedback/bending weirdness in an ultra nifty acetate cassette
sleeve, all designed by Dunn himself!"

Pro-duplicated cassettes, 50 copies. now shipping!

·5.90 € + tax & shipping BUY

- This Is Where I Draw The Inflection Line · lsc011
How much of something must there be for it to remain itself?
What is the quantitative information we ascribe in a word?
These recordings consist solely of open circuit manipulation
of a Sony Stereo 530 Solid State reel to reel. No tape tape player.

- On Hands & Knees (Under the Bed) · lsc009
On Hands & Knees is a foray into the relationship between
the machine and the animal. A young robot finds a monster
under his bed and his program is fundamentally altered.
Voice, open circuit tape players, instrumentalized microphone feedback, and trumpet.
Recorded during the fall and released in November 2007.
·Initial Scare
·Reasons For Being Here
·A Natural Resoponse
·Brave Escape
·Warning to Others
·Wide Eyed AI

- Big Sur · lsc007
Big Sur was recorded at a camp ground in Big Sur over the
course of an evening touching the circuitry of a
take·a·long children's portable tape player, and alternately
playing a classical guitar. I was there to see Laurie Anderson
play an intimate show, and I recorded an album intimately with electronics.
Recorded in 2005, released in 2006.

- Piece By Piece · lsc005(a,b,c,d,e)
Piece by Piece is a collection of tracks created using
only instrumentalized microphone feedback played through delay.
They were released as 5 singles, of which there were 5 copies each.
Recorded 2004-2005 and released in 2005.
·hark, on quail and repose
·ponies when we get there
·a rousing yes
·recursive compliment staple
·tip in

- Think Fast, Act Later · lsc001
Early Instinct Control, originally only available in Tokyo, Japan.
Much of this was made and edited from an eponymous live radio show
I had which was 2 hours of late night chaos, and occasional guests.
Instrumental microphone feedback through delay, a Casio SK5, and reverberant and resonant materials.
Recorded 2003-2004, released March 2004.
·In Parts of Your Attic
·My Mother Always Warned Me
·On the Yonder
·Sunny Normandy
·Oh Dear Lord
·One More Time
·How Much Further Must We Walk
·It's Alright on Toast
·They Meant It
·On Marty's Boat
·Minding the Autofac

Domestic Violence
(Ryan Dunn & Robert Daly)

Domestic Violence is a performance sound project
about communal living gone wrong.
Site specific pseudo-guerilla performance in domestic space,
making sound using household objects. We only play house shows.

·Cherries and Pennies
·Beating a Dead Horse
·Independence: The End of Domestic Violence

(Ryan Dunn & Ogo Eion)


·Disjunct on MySpace

·Impartial Analysis - Video Painting DVD · lsc008
·pigpen's lament
·Live @ PDXNoiseFest2006
·Live @ AutonomousMutantFest2006
·Live @ EugeneNoiseFest2006
·Live @ AutonomousMutantFest2005

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